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Ankit Solanki

Ankit is a founding member at Mobius Innovations, a Singapore-based startup that focuses on context awareness. The company was later acquired by Fractal Analytics.In his role, Ankit led the R&D and Innovations lab, where he focused on building Intellectual Property in the fields of Machine Learning and AI. Under his leadership, the team successfully filed patents in the areas of establishing geofences and customer segmentation.

Priyanka Gosai
Head of Product

Priyanka has a strong background in building Enterprise Data Management solutions for global CRM systems, which have facilitated unique customer identification across regions. She also played a key role in conceptualizing and managing the consumer app and prediction algorithm for a stock trading recommendation product on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Deepesh Naik
Head of Engineering

Deepesh brings over a decade of experience in building Enterprise Data Management (EDM) and Reconciliation Systems. He currently leads the creation of our ERP product, which is now being utilized by some of India's largest healthcare and retail organizations.

Adlon Pereira
VP - Engineering

Adlon possesses over two decades of experience in building scalable systems for financial transactions. Moreover, he has extensive expertise in developing AI systems that effectively detect comprehensive cardiovascular anomalies.

Bhavik Shah
Automation Expert

Bhavik is the mastermind behind the conceptualization and development of, one of India's promising direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands in the toys industry. He has successfully brought the brand to life, positioning it as a rising star in the market.

Puran Parsani
Head of Marketing 

Puran brings two decades of experience in the field of marketing. Throughout his career, he has had the privilege of living and working in five different countries, allowing him to successfully introduce multiple brands to international markets.

Vinay Kolwankar
Head of Design

Vinay has designed visual systems for B2B as well as B2C products including but not limited to a Desktop & Mobile POS App, Medicine Ordering & Delivery App

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